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  1. Install Node.js (require version >=16) and NPM on your machine by following the instructions here.
  1. Install Git.

On Mac computers with Apple silicon like M1/M2, make sure Rosetta is installed. If not, it can be installed with the following command.

softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license

The sCrypt CLI Tool

The sCrypt CLI tool is used to easily create, compile and publish sCrypt projects. The CLI provides best practice project scaffolding including dependencies such as sCrypt, a test framework (Mocha), code auto-formatting (Prettier), linting (ES Lint), and more.

Run the CLI tool directly with npx and try it out by creating a demo project:

npx scrypt-cli project demo

Or install it globally on your machine.

npm install -g scrypt-cli

You can also fork the demo contract on and play with the code in your browser.