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It is highly recommended to test your contract on the testnet after passing local tests. It ensures that a contract can be successfully deployed and invoked as expected on the blockchain.

Before you deploy and call a contract, you need to have a funded address:

  1. Create a new project. Skip this step if you have already created a project:
npx scrypt-cli project demo
cd demo
  1. Generate a private key with the following command executed from the root of the project:
npm install
npm run genprivkey

The command generates a private key and stores it in a .env file in the project's root directory. It also outputs the Bitcoin address corresponding to the private key.

  1. Fund the private key's address with some testnet coins. You can use this faucet to receive testnet coins.


Use the Yours Wallet

In March 2024, Panda Wallet was rebranded to Yours Wallet.

If you have Yours Wallet installed, you can easily use the testnet private key as follows :

Use the Sensilet Wallet

Alternatively, if you have already installed Sensilet, you can extract and use its private key on testnet as follows.